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Mar 25, 2019

The first step is to look at art – lots of it. Don’t limit yourself to specific genres, subjects or time periods. Look at antique daguerreotypes and modern digital images. Follow the work of photojournalists, portrait artists, nature photographers and more. By looking at what has gone before, you’ll start to develop a sense of not only what art admirers enjoy, but also what makes an image timeless.

As you’re studying the works of others, create your own images. If there is one advantage that modern photographers have, it’s that we are only limited by the space on our memory cards. So go out and take as many photos as you can, and analyze them critically. Do your images leave you with certain feelings, or do they somehow tell a story? Is there something about the play of colors or light and shadow that fascinates you? Compare them to the work of photographers you admire to see how they stack up – not only technically, but also emotionally.

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