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Nov 24, 2021

Life has a way of changing our perspectives. As time goes by, all kinds of things happen. We experience joys, successes, failures, tragedies, we learn new things—and all of it helps us to grow and changes not only how we view the world but how we view our own art. That’s why I think it’s an interesting idea...

Nov 17, 2021

Photographers are. . . by nature. . .  perfectionists. It’s ingrained into us to be highly conscious of every last little detail because sometimes, those details can make or break a photograph. So, we struggle and we cause ourselves a lot of stress trying to make sure that every last little detail within an image is...

Nov 10, 2021

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from photography alone. Look for it in all aspects of life and from all kinds of people.

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Photography Clips Podcast

Nov 4, 2021

Change is inevitable in photography. How we handle it is interesting. Here are more of my thoughts on goals, change, and how we may learn about our creativity.

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