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Apr 17, 2019

Photography projects are a lot of work, often spanning weeks, months or years to complete. And, you’ll find lots of tips on how to plan and structure your project — the gear that you’ll need, the list of shots that you need to remember to take, the storytelling aspects of a project. If you page through my blog, you’ll even find advice on some of these topics.

All of these things could be considered the mechanical side of the project: What you will do when you will do it and with what tools. There is a whole other side to planning a photography project, one that should be considered at the outset of the project and, in part, should be undertaken as you work through each of the project’s steps. This is more the theoretical side of things, or, I suppose, you could say, the artistic side, since most of the planning tips that I will outline here deal with creativity in one way or another. Take a look at the following thoughts — perhaps they will help you as you plan your own photography projects!

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