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Sep 28, 2023

Ever feel like life is just a series of big moments, leaving you wondering what’s in between? Just like a photograph holds more than what first meets the eye, your daily life is brimming with hidden gems. Listen on to discover how paying closer attention can make every day extraordinary.

Podcast Notes:

Sep 25, 2023

Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, you find your camera blocking the awe-inspiring view. As you journey through America’s varied landscapes, you realize you capture moments but miss the experience. Let’s explore the delicate balance between living and preserving the moment through a lens.

Podcast Notes:

Sep 23, 2023

Photography is not just about capturing the world as it is but seeing it with a fresh perspective, finding stories in the overlooked, and celebrating the wonders that are often taken for granted. Whether you’re behind the lens or simply navigating the intricate fabric of life, remember: sometimes the most...