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Apr 26, 2024

Podcast Notes:

It doesn’t take much to say something when you think it might be necessary—and it can be a good way to help foster a sense of community.

Apr 24, 2024

In this day and age of Google Image Search and photographic travel guides, what does it truly mean to be original? Here are my thoughts on originality.

Apr 22, 2024

If ever there was a creative devil, it was perfectionism. Learn how to selectively cut corners to move on to new projects rather than rehashing the old.

Apr 20, 2024

As they say, the devil is in the details, and we photographers don’t always notice the little distractions around the edges. Here are some thoughts on this!

Apr 18, 2024

Marketers sell flagship cameras because that’s the only way to excite us. But do we need it when less expensive models will suit most needs?